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    Enterprise software development: what constitutes the good and the bad?

    Having the right software is essential for all businesses, whether you are a small to medium-sized business looking to develop bespoke software to manage your growing team ad business or a multinational corporation looking for a fully-fledged ERP system to streamline your workflow.

    We are a software development company in the UK with remote teams in Colombo offering reliable enterprise software solutions to support your operations. We maximize your ROI through custom-built, high-impact, secure, scalable, and meaningful enterprise software products. We automate complex systems and make them simple to use and maintain no matter where you are.

    As a custom software development company in UK, we have learned a few things that we think you should know too.

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    1. Have your requirements and needs dialed in

    It’s a fairly straightforward step, but most product owners will rush it and end up dissatisfied with the end product because their requirements and needs were not properly defined and implemented into the design.

    You should clearly and articulately define and describe your concept to the developer to avoid any misconstruing during the development and that each phase goes well.

    Improve your software infrastructure with our bespoke software development company in UK. Whether you prefer to work with local insourcing or offshore development teams, these questions will guide you when approaching a software development outsourcing company in UK for a novel idea or updating your existing projects. Be absolutely clear on;

    Our Skills & Methods

    Software Development Skills

    Languages & Styles

    Project Management

    QA Process

    SDLC Overview

    2. Your employees hold the cards

    While it is good to focus on all the big factors like project objectives and bottom lines when developing software, a less considered but hugely important factor is your employees-the consumers of the software you are developing.

    Even the most sophisticated software is as useful as how users perceive its use and the value it can deliver to your business. Determine if your staff can use the software effortlessly or if additional technical training is required. Analyze how big of a difference the software will help them in discharging their duties.

    3. Develop for the future

    Scalability is a must-have feature for any software. Proactively plan for routine maintenance operations like software patches and troubleshooting while scheduling the development.

    EFutures is a software development UK company based in the UK with remote teams in Colombo that develops scalable software that solves particular business objectives in one or all of their departments. We help brands pull off their next big project stress-free.

    In the market for developing enterprise software that checks all your boxes?

    We are more than excited to turn your concept into a working system. Need to maintain or enhance your existing system? Well, do that too!

    Considering software development outsourcing companies in UK? Contact EFutures today and let us make your project a resounding success.

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