We are a software product development company that caters to the UK market with teams that can work remote as part of your team, based in Colombo, Sri lanka. Our motivation is to inspire trust and dedication to all aspects of business and relationships by ensuring our clients discover solutions that fulfill their demand for digital transformation.

    The advantages of Software Outsourcing To EFutures

    Access to a wide pool of experts

    The first advantage of outsourcing software development is the ability to access a wider pool of world-class experts. Outsourcing your software development project enables the business access to some of the leading software development countries on the planet and the large pool of experts which they employ. These software developers are all well-trained and have been operating in the business for years with considerable specialist and generalist expertise. These developers can substantially improve your business’s performance and skyrocket sales by implementing the necessary expertise using their particular set of skills to deliver exceptional results.

    In today’s world, outsourcing work is no longer only a good idea to save some extra money. It’s about finding the right talent at a reasonable price. For example, the price for hiring a United States developer in the United States is pretty high. Furthermore, paying a higher price doesn’t always equal quality. Therefore, it’s not that companies can’t find developers in the United States but rather because they want to find talented developers at a more reasonable price and leverage all the advantages of outsourcing software development.

    Faster turn-around time

    Relying on an in-house software engineering team, especially if they are still learning, can be a long and tedious process. If you are in a competitive market, time is essential, and if you’re slacking, competitors can overtake that market. To maintain that competitive edge, outsourcing your software development project can always keep you one step ahead of the competition and allow a business to perform better. In this instance, your employees can focus on their respective tasks, and the expert third-party vendor can work on the time-consuming tasks leading to an overall increase in productivity in the business.

    Focus on business goals

    One of the other advantages of outsourcing software development is that it gives you free hands to prioritize primary business goals over secondary business goals. With your software development project in the hands of experts, there is more time to focus on other aspects of your business. You can strive to work on the business’s long-term goals and start executing ways to achieve them. Benefits include strengthening and improving the core processes that help your company improve is a guaranteed step to continued and repeated success.

    Reduce risk

    Risk is a critical aspect of business operation. As with any project, the most critical factors are risk assessment and analysis. Many times, you will find that the software engineering company may offer software testing services as well. This way, you can ensure that the software you introduce to the public or your employees is free from defects and works as it should. The expert’s ability to plan and mitigate potential risks will ensure your project operates as smoothly and effectively as possible.


    Above all the advantages of outsourcing software development, the lower cost when outsourcing any software development project is possibly the best one of all. An in-house software development team is excellent, but hiring local software developers can come at an extremely lower price. Outsourcing your software development projects has shown to be significantly lower than any in-house software development project. This cost-effective solution can save your business a great deal of capital. This capital saving can translate into improved business performance.

    The 3 Main Models of Software Outsourcing at EFutures

    There are 3 principal software outsourcing models that companies can choose from. Each model has its own benefits .

    1 Staff augmentation model: The simplest form of software outsourcing is the staff augmentation model, where an outsourced team works alongside your internal team to create the software. Augmented teams usually have face-to-face contact with existing staff, often working from your offices until the project comes to an end.

    2 The dedicated team model: The dedicated team model involves outsourced talent which has more responsibility for overseeing the project. The outsourcing company’s internal delivery teams thus provide the management structure, allocating precise tasks and observe the workflow. In this way, you benefit from the expertise of highly-skilled developers.

    3 Project based model: According to this model the outsourcing company oversees the entire software development process, from defining the specification to allocating workflow and quality testing.

    What Is Software Outsourcing

    Software outsourcing occurs when companies decide  to have bespoke software solutions developed by a third party. Outsourcing software development can yield several benefits to a company including a reduction in costs and gains in efficiency. 

    Today’s business environment is highly digitalized which allows companies to access the world’s top software developers. Companies of all sizes are using software outsourcing to develop their products. 

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    Software Outsourcing as a Business Strategy

    The pace at which technology is evolving indicates that the software development industry is constantly in flux. Novel programming languages are introduced, fresh  methodologies are constantly being developed and innovation and invention is constant in this field. Due to these practical reasons using software outsourcing as a global strategy has become  crucial for modern businesses. 

    As the fast growing outsourcing company, EFutures strives to drive the software outsourcing  industry forward. Excellent outsourcing services like the ones we provide are allowing companies from all over the world, especially our clients to instantly fill any skill gaps in their teams and set themselves up for future success. 

    Once you identify the skill gaps in your tech team, a company can identify the elements of a particular  project that need to be outsourced.

    Today, software outsourcing providers are seen as crucial business partners which  can play a critical role in the  growth, performance and development of the business. Access to advanced tools and techniques such as blockchain, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things are readily available to businesses of all sizes due to software outsourcing. 

    Efutures has an excellent track-record of providing software outsourcing services to our clients worldwide. We have served clients from all parts of the world and have completed over 600 projects. Working with EFutures will give your business access to some of the most brightest and talented minds in this field who have been educated and trained at some of the best schools and universities in Sri Lanka and the world. 

    Outsourcing Myths

    Can I Lose Control Over My Project?

    It is obvious where this misconception is coming from. Many companies are unable to gain the trust of third parties, especially the ones which aren’t located within the country. Also, not to mention that different locations mean you may find the price high or low depending on the country. 

    Now, generally speaking, you will come across outsourcing service providers offering a full estimation of cost with no hidden charges in advance. This is not actually that problematic. Simultaneously, it is the duty of your chosen software development company to keep you posted regarding the work progress and offer detailed documentation at regular intervals. Companies worry about losing control because of poor communication. But there are skype, Google Meet, and other tools which make communication smooth and seamless. So nothing can stop you from having full control over the project.

    Outsourced Development Services Might Result in a Low-Quality Product

    Another common myth is that choosing outsource software development services always results in delivering low-quality products. Outsourcing providers like India and other developing countries have low prices and tax rates, if such companies quote a low price then it doesn’t mean that product will be of poor quality.

    Low-quality products are just one of the common myths and not the result of outsourcing.

    Outsourcing Takes More Time Than In-House Development

    Another myth about outsourcing development companies is that businesses most of the time think that in-house project development can be conducted at a much faster pace instead of the time taken by outsourcing companies. The outsourcing team is way more experienced in their field and if they happen to deliver cheaper development services then it doesn’t mean they will compromise on other factors such as time taken.

    Business owners must trust their outsourcing partner as it becomes very easy for experienced outsourcing companies to understand small business requirements and come up with an outcome. 

    Outsourcing Comes With Language and Cultural barriers

    Generally, businesses that want to outsource their projects, often worry about cultural and language differences. Hiring an offshore software development team seems difficult, so now businesses try to hire experts from places where people understand and speak English comfortably. For instance, software development outsourcing services providers from places like India and China are well-versed in the English language. So businesses from the UK, US, and Australia can hire them without a problem.

    How to Outsource a Software Development Project?

    To help ensure that your project flows seamlessly, here are 3 steps to outsourcing software development:

    Evaluate Your Team’s Skills

    Prior to beginning the process of outsourcing software development it is crucial to understand the precise expertise you require. A company needs to identify the skills of their team and fill any gaps in their skills. Once you determine the skills you need, you can create a project specification, explaining what the product should do and how the work should be executed.

    You can then contact the outsourcing companies on your shortlist and decide which one will be a suitable partner. At BairesDev, we consider the project specification in detail. Our workflow is characterized by our unique Design Thinking mindset, which ensures that every project is delivered on time.

    Verify the Quality of Outsourcing Companies

    Before you commit to hiring a software development company, check their reputation in the market. Have a look at their website and read through their case studies one by one. Read and research third-party review sites and their social media channels to see how they’re positioned in the industry. A company should also contact their previous clients to verify the quality of their work and to conduct a thorough and full research into the company’s history. At Efutures we work with a variety of clients in several industries. We have an exceptional track-record of delivering for our clients and performing to the highest standards possible.

    Implement Project Management Processes

    Once you have chosen your software outsourcing team, project management tools need to be implemented to chart progress. Platforms such as Basecamp, Trello, and Jira enable tasks to be allocated to specific developers. They also enable constant communication between the client and developers. Your outsourcing company should allocate an Engineering Manager and Team Leaders to ensure that targets are achieved and project goals are met.

    The advantages of Software Outsourcing

    Project definition

    The first step consists in defining the objectives of the project at hand. Here, you establish what you seek to build, the business’s spending budget, the goals you hope to accomplish, and the  timeline. All of this work needs to be complete before thinking about outsourcing, because any business needs a complete understanding of the  project to decide which type of outsourcing engagement will be required.

    Outsourcing research

    After completing your initial project work, you can look into the market and make a decision as to which of the available outsourcing companies might complete your project successfully. This research is an exhaustive process that will have you narrowing-down outsourcing companies and understanding their precise services and products.

    Project start

    After making a decision on which outsourcing company you are going to instruct, the next phase is to commence the project. This involves meeting with the outsourcing team to discuss the particulars and the details of the project as well all related items such as costs, operations, timelines and other deliverables.

    Project completion and beyond

    The outsourcing team will follow the agreed plan and provide the deliverables according to the agreed timeline. This process could have numerous changes and adjustments based on your feedback. According to the type of project, the outsourcing partnership may go on to provide maintenance  and further development.

    Software engineering

    Once a precise plan has been agreed between the business and the software outsourcing company, the outsourcing team can start working on the software engineering process. This could include but is not limited to the following:

    • Commencing the project with your in-house team aided by the outsourcing experts

    • Outsource the part of the project you need the outsourcing company to do

    • Outsource the entire project for the outsourcing company to manage